February 1, 2015

Heart of China

Dynamix, 1991

Heart of China is an impressive adventure of love, life and death, which begins in the lush mountains of central China of in the 1930's. The leader of a war-torn feudal state has kidnapped Kate Lomax, daughter of a wealthy American merchant, who has devoted her life to helping the poor. You play the role of Jake Masters, commonly known as "Lucky." Kate's father  hires you to rescue her from her abductors. To reunite father and daughter you must enlist the aid of a street-wise ninja. Your adventures will take you to exotic locations, from Paris to Istanbul, via the streets of Hong Kong and the snow covered peaks of the Himalayas. You will even travel on the Orient Express.

The graphics are splendid and original stereo soundtrack injects life in the game. The interface is point & click and allows you to accomplish your actions including few arcade sequences. If you like to play adventures with unique story line, here is one for you.