February 1, 2015


Terminal Reality, Inc., 1999

Nocturne could be a reminiscent of any noir game that is redecorated by adding an unknown number of some unholy, undead and evil monsters and vampires in every location of this game. In the game, you play as a mysterious noir character teamed up with Syetlana, a young and beautiful secret agent with half vampire blood inherited from her father. You have been assigned a secret mission by a secret government  agency known as "Spookhouse," which was formed by the United States' government to tackle and eliminate all kind of unholy and supernatural  beings on earth. Your mission has four Acts, which can be played in any order but I would recommend playing them in their proper order. In  first Act you travel along with Syetlana to Germany to find and retrieve an ancient artifact. Other Acts include an encounter with Mafia gang; an action packed train ride to Texas and exploring an old haunted mansion.

Since the game is a blend of noir, horror and shooting, the graphics used are mostly dark and beautifully designed with pre-rendered 3D graphics with multiple camera angles, which smoothly switches the views to provide a better understanding of the environment and surrounding. Atmospheric music and sound effects value very high in this game and greatly add fun in the game-play. The interface is the best feature of this game that provides smooth play-ability in every action sequence. All in all, this is a real gem in the action-adventure games and I highly recommend this to every adventure game player.