February 1, 2015

The Beverly Hillbillies

Synergistic Software, Inc., 1993

The Beverly Hillbillies is the game adaption of a classic TV series of 60s & 70s and a movie of early 90s with the same name. A bantering adventure game featuring a good-humored redneck, Jed Clampett, who becomes extremely rich when he luckily discovers black oil in his estate while hunting for dinner. After becoming rich, Jed leaves his ranch along with his family to live in the posh Beverly Hills neighborhood, where he must outwit some classy crooks who want to payback this rich country bumpkin's hillbilly hospitality by depriving him of his money.

The game play is a mixed bag of solving puzzles and playing arcade sequences, where you play as Jed Clampett and your main goal is to find and rescue your Granny who is kidnapped for ransom by some blackmailers. Interact with local folks to find clues and hints, solve mind-boggling puzzles, gather inventory items and roam around the Beverly Hills to finally rescue your Granny from the manacles of these local thugs.

Graphically, the game flaunts quite dated graphics for its time backed up with some good quality music and sound-effects. The game interface isn't just typically mouse-driven point and click, as you may use keyboard arrow keys to move around from one screen to another. Arcade sequences are quite strategic and bit hard for average adventure gamers. Overall, the game is all fun and entertaining especially if you are in for a giggle or two.