February 1, 2015

Spellcasting 301: Spring Break

Legend Entertainment Company, 1992

The third and the final chapter in the Spellcasting series, Spring Breaks brings back Ernie Eaglebeak and this time Ernie has to save the honor of his fraternity. The game is set in Fort Naughtytail, where Ernie has to comp with his fraternity friends and of course, a rival. It features numerous enjoyable puzzles with multiple solutions and several optional puzzles that are both fun and unique, numerous beach sporty events, and gorgeous women!

Spring Break combines excellent graphics and music with brilliant humor to create a truly entertaining game. Our only criticism is that the plot, which develops well in the beginning, seems to stumble about halfway through the game and never quite manages to recover.  However, there is an excellent plot twist to be found near the end that is quite delightful. All the fans of the series must play this last outing.