February 7, 2015

The Legend of Lotus Spring

Woman Wise, 2000

The Legend of Lotus Spring is an adventure game based on the touchy story of a forbidden love between an emperor of the Qing dynasty and a beautiful woman, Lotus Spring from the Han Chinese. The emperor kept her hidden in the Garden of Perfect Brightness, until one day the Dowager Empress CiXi, out of jealousy, takes her and abandon her on a remote island.

Throughout the game you venture the enchanted Garden of Perfect Brightness, gathering inventory items and clues, which will help you to solve many puzzles found in the garden and unravel the mystery behind the tragic disappearance of Lotus Spring. The game puzzles are good and can be solved without much difficulty. The Interface is well designed and makes the navigation very smooth during the game. The best feature of this game is the breathtaking graphics, which give the player an interactive ride in the grandeur atmosphere of the garden as it was a 100 years ago, while making this game a masterpiece adventure and a collectible item.