February 7, 2015

Murder in Space

Cobra Software, 1991

In this futuristic sequel to Murder in Venice, you are again cast as a detective out to find a killer. This time, however, you must seek your man on a space station that orbits the Earth. The point-and-click interface is much improved from the first game in the series, as are the graphics. It is also equally difficult. Again, you have limited time to solve puzzles and must be in the right place at the right time to witness important events. There are many nifty gadgets to use, but your crime-solving methods remain the same. You must photograph people and locations, interview witnesses, collect physical evidence and choose the correct leads to follow as you play. Despite the cool science-fiction environment, the story is banal and the quality of the writing rather cheesy.  But if you liked Murder in Venice, you'll be sure to enjoy this outer space sequel.