February 7, 2015

The Indian in the Cupboard

Viacom New Media, 1996

The Indian in the Cupboard is an interactive adventure based on a movie with the same name. The game is developed for kids with eight different activities focused on the Iroquois history and tradition. These activities involve using skills such as logic, listening, memory, and problem solving. Some of the activities include identifying different animal tracks in a variety of environments, hunting for feathers in order to create an Indian Headdress, and participating in a traditional Iroquois ceremony. Children are guided through the program by their own selection of characters and each character has its own story to tell. Graphics, sound and music are simply beautiful and well appropriate according to the atmosphere. However, there are few setbacks in the game that kids might encounter, they include a somewhat difficult mouse manipulation and extraordinary lengthy introductions and explanations at the beginning of each activity. But, despite these minor setbacks, I feel that this is an excellent arcade-adventure to play with your kids.