February 7, 2015

Crime Time

Starbyte Software, 1990

Crime Time is a graphical adventure with a unique point-and-click interface, where instead of clicking on the graphics you click on verbs and nouns to create the command you want to put into action. Clicking on the direction key letters arranged in a circular manner control your movement in the game. You play the role of a person who is on vacation with his friend and wakes up in the morning with a hangover and a dead body in his hotel room. Someone has framed you for a crime you have not committed. Trapped in your hotel, you must find the true killer and clear your name before it's too late.

Despite the awkward interface the puzzles are very decent. While the plot is fully packed with mystery elements, the poor writing mars the overall enjoyment as you investigate and look for clues. However, die-hard detective game fans are encouraged to play this game, as it makes a fine addition to any detective game collection.