February 7, 2015

Operation: Eco-Nightmare

Discovery Channel Multimedia, 1997

Operation: Eco-Nightmare, a sequel to Operation: Weather Disaster, represents the evil weatherman, Dr. Rainwater with a new identity as Jonah Greenstreet but same nasty goal to wreak havoc on the world by controlling the world weather. Join the Team-Xtreme and embark on a quest to solve the ecological mysteries and series of mind-twisting puzzles. Save the planet by eliminating ecological threats such as oil spills, perforated ozone layer, nuclear meltdowns, etc.

This environmental adventure game is developed in full-motion-video with 360-degree panoramic views. The game graphics are undoubtedly dashing with superb music, sound and puzzles. A fast paced game that doesn't give much time for players to relax.