February 7, 2015

The Last Express

Smoking Car Productions, 1997

The Last Express is one of the most fascinating games I have ever played. Featuring a gripping story full of mystery, suspense, romance, international intrigue and murder, you play the role of Robert Cath, an American Doctor living in Paris when the world is on the brink of World War I. You receive an urgent letter from your friend, Tyler Whitney, asking you to join him on the Orient Express departing Paris for Constantinople. Unfortunately you miss the train by minutes and have to jump onto the moving train while following it on a speedy motorcycle. Your adventure begins right after you set foot on the train and start looking for your friend, whom you find dead when you enter his compartment. Your mission is to the find the murderer and his motive in order to clear your name and prove your innocence in this murder.

This game features one of the best and unique 3D rendered environment with real-time event handler. Puzzles are very enjoyable including some time-based ones that need quick reflexes. You gather clues to puzzles by either talking to characters or eavesdropping on their conversations. Overall, this is a high quality game made only for professional adventure gamers due to its timed and fighting sequences.