February 7, 2015

The Adventures of Valdo & Marie

Ubi Soft Entertainment, 1997

The Adventures of Valdo & Marie is a very fascinating and interactive adventure game for kids ages 9 and above. The quest takes Valdo and Marie aboard a Portuguese ship embarking on a great voyage from Lisbon in the year 1580. The ship's destination is Japan, by way of Africa and India. As Valdo and Marie, your objective is to reach your destination safely and gather the scattered pieces of an old and mysterious treasure map. During your adventurous voyage you come face to face with swash-buckling pirates, hungry crocodiles, sharks, mind-boggling and fiendish puzzles, not to mention a ghost that lurks in the storage hold of the ship, with only your wits to help and aid you in this time of great danger.

The game is packed with exciting animations and cut-scenes presenting the events of a historical story by upholding the faithful history, culture and geography of the era. The best feature of the game is re-playable value with multiple paths to discover with different endings. The game has many logical puzzles and strategy games, which can be solved and played, choosing different levels of difficulty. Highly recommended adventure game for all members of the family.