February 7, 2015

The Feeble Files

Adventure Soft Publishing, 1997

The Feeble File is a less known point-and-click adventure game created by Simon Woodroffe, the creator of the "Simon the Sorcerer" series. You play as Feeble, a green skinned, funny looking alien with big black eyes, who lives on a planet governed by a dictatorial organization called Company. The Company, under the control of a super-brain named Omnibrain has enforced very strict laws on the planet with an idea that this will keep the people safe and happy. But on the contrary, the people are fed up of this dictatorial regime and become rebellious.

Your quest begins when your spaceship hits an orbiting Voyager satellite while trying to navigate through an asteroid belt, sending it off-course and destroying a Company's installation unit. You get arrested for breaking the law and sent to a heavily guarded prison, where you meet and team up with a member of a revolutionary group organizing a rebellion against the Company. Your mission is to unfold the truth about the Company, destroy the Omnibrain and bring freedom back to your people.

The game exhibits very nice graphics, point-and-click interface and brilliantly designed cut-scenes. The most enjoyable feature of this game is the hilarious dialogues used in multiple choice responses. On the darker side, the puzzles are damn hard and annoying even to professional gamers and I would advice to keep a walkthrough handy while you play this humorous adventure game.