February 7, 2015


Daydream Software, 1997

Safecracker is a unique puzzle-solving game with mind boggling safe-cracking challenges, which will stir the gray matter in your brain. Safecracker casts you as some jobless guy, who has applied for the position of Security Development Chief in a safe manufacturing company called Crabb & Sons Safe & Security Systems. As per your resumé you are completely suitable for the job, but the owner of the company Mr. Crabb wants to authenticate your skills by practically putting you through a test. The test includes safe-cracking all the thirty-five different size safes fitted in a huge luxurious mansion's rooms without getting caught by  security. Each safe holds a clue to the combination of your final and ultimate Master Safe.

Some of the puzzles are very complex and the subtly hidden clues in each safe challenges your skills. The rooms are beautifully rendered in 3D, which can be viewed in a 360-degree virtual environment. Original music meshes quite well with the environment of each room. In my personal opinion, this game is a nice source to exercise your brain cells and polish your puzzle-solving skills.