February 7, 2015

Sign of the Sun

Project Two Interactive, 1997

Sign of the Sun is a science-fiction adventure based on the most feared question many people ask our modern age astrologers: what will happen if the sun goes cold, or what if the earth, instead of orbiting around the sun, started moving closer, due to it's gravitational force? The game intro shows a similar situation as the sun is getting closer and closer to the earth and the temperature is continuously increasing, causing the water to evaporate from the surface, animals and greenery are gradually decreasing and most of the earth has become barren and deserted. Now, the scientists have come to know that something is gone wrong on the sun and someone must travel to the sun to find out the problem. They develop a very special spaceship that can only house one person and they choose you to be the one.

Once your spaceship reaches the sun some strange force surrounds your  spaceship and drags it inside the sun. You get captured and teleported into a prison by Firons, the inhabitants of the sun who are made of fire and your adventure begins right after you escape your prison. Your quest is to solve the mysteries that includes underground passageways in the sun and the Mayan dynasty on earth, to restore the sun back to it's normal steady state, and finally, find your way back to earth.

The still background graphics used in this game are excellent with the main character rendered in 3D. The interface used in this game is bit clumsy where character's movements can be controlled by a mouse-driven cursor but most of the actions are keyboard dependant and need some good practice to get used to. The game is a good example of pixel-hunting packed with some good quality and easy to solve puzzles. Overall, it's a good adventure game with a few action sequences and must not be overlooked by the fans of the genre.