February 7, 2015

Dive: The Conquest of Silver Eye

Infogrames Entertainment, 1997

Dive: The Conquest of Silver Eye was released in the ninety-seventh year of the twentieth century, which is known as the year of full-motion-video in the gaming world. Many companies were implementing the video technology into their games including Sierra and Infogrames with games like Phantasmagoria, Gabriel Knight 2, the Case of the Rose Tattoo, etc. just to name a few for example.

Dive is a treasure hunting adventure game with pretty decent and logical puzzles blocking your path on almost every scene. The treasure you search for in the game belonged to one of the most swash-buckling and hideous pirates of the high Caribbean seas known as Silver Eye. It was fabled that he buried all his pirated treasure on a mysterious island in the perilous cove of Silver Eye situated on the bottom of the sea. Advance your way through Silver Eye, solve logical puzzles, overcome deadly traps, fight the repugnant creatures of the dark underworld and discover the fabled lost treasure of Silver Eye. The video quality in the game is surprisingly better than most other full-motion-video games of that time. The movement in the game is controlled by a mouse-driven arrow cursor, which also changes its status when moved over items related to the story that need your attention. Different action words are given in the lower side of the screen to select and use with objects in the game. All in all, a recommended adventure game one must play in his or her free time.