February 15, 2015


Media Design Interactive, 1994

All my life, I have been listening to ghostly experiences encountered by different individuals and reading ghost stories, but I never believed them myself, as I never come across any ghost in my life or maybe the reason is that I don't live in England. It is said that England is the most haunted country in the entire world with its haunted castles, manors and stately houses. This interactive multimedia game is a collection of similar legendary paranormal stories that surround some phantom figures or ghosts that have become an important part of English heritage.

As you enter the Hobb's Manor your host, Christopher Lee, the most frightening figure of the big screen greets you in the role of Dr. Marcus Grimalkin. He invites you to go on your quest of venturing into the Manor and find all the objects gathered and placed in the different rooms and halls of the Manor, which are bound to some ghostly background. Once you find an object you will be informed of its ghastly nature by  Dr. Grimalkin. There are six detailed ghost stories presented with a slideshow, and many short tales scattered around the Hobb's Manor.

The static background graphics and all the objects in the game are completely rendered in 3D, in which the player ventures using a point-and-click interface in 1st-Person perspective. Every room has its own ominous orchestral music and creepy sound effects are added with every action. Christopher Lee's superimposed full-motion-video figure appears in the foreground of every scene that hides some information. This cross between interactive media and adventure game is worth playing if you really believe in ghosts and even if you don't, this is quite an entertaining piece of information.