February 15, 2015

Beyond the Wall of Stars

Creative Multimedia Corporation, 1992

Beyond the Wall of Stars is a hard to find and less known interactive science-fiction adventure created in the style of "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories written by R. A. Montgomery. You play the game as the leader of the expedition team, which is sent to the troubled planet Celadon to aid them in overcoming their problems. To explore the game and unfold the story you choose to decide the direction you move, the strategy you apply to solve puzzles and how you manage your crew and utilize their skills. Since the game is one of the early multimedia titles, the graphics and animations shown are not very good but the speech, sound and music is superb. Puzzles are of a very standard quality and your different move or action will outcome different results in the storyline, which on the bright side increase the replay ability of the game. If you have read any of the "Choose Your Own Adventure" book or played the CD-ROM version of these books, you will definitely like this game, which in my humble opinion deserves to be played by the fans of adventure genre.