February 15, 2015

Bad Mojo: The Roach Game

Pulse Entertainment, 1996

Bad Mojo is a very attractive and enjoyable graphical adventure game with a very unique story and gameplay. As the game starts, the intro sequence rolls the events that happen on this fateful evening when Roger, whom you will play in the game, tries to flee to Mexico to start a new life with all the money he has inherited along with his mother's picture locket but something strange happens and the locket casts a curse upon him and transforms him into a roach, yes, a common garbage roach with absolutely no idea or memory of why this happened to him. You start the game as this roach in a top-down view and explore the huge world of your filthy rented room situated above a run down San Francisco pub. Your quest is to find the cause that deprived you from your human form and restore your memory by avoiding a vicious roach-eater cat, spiders and other creatures, which populate the pub and the drainage system.

The game puzzles are generally very nice and easy with almost no interaction of any sort with any character. The game has multiple endings depending on the path you choose, which also means replay ability. The controls are limited to arrow-keys, which you use to move and push objects. Graphics are very nice and provide a true picture of a dirty bar floor. Music is very atmospheric with some creepy sound effects. If you love playing unique adventure games then this is absolutely one for you and I strongly recommend this game.