February 15, 2015


Artech Studios, 1997

UFOs is a cartoon adventure game for a mature audience choke full of wacky humor. You get to control Gnap, a one-eyed purple colored sausage like alien, who has crash-landed his spaceship on earth somewhere in Ozarks. In order to continue his journey into space Gnap needs to repair his spaceship by finding useful items, which can be used as substitute spare parts. No sooner you start your quest as Gnap, a friendly platypus becomes your sidekick and you get a button icon to control his actions. The game is full of mind-boggling puzzles and comic action sequences, where you must follow the right sequence or act fast. Other then normal puzzle solving, there are few entertaining arcade sequences also added in the game, which spiced up some fun in the game.

While there is minimal amount of music, the atmospheric sound effects and speech are quite good. Graphics and cut-scene animations are very colorful and impressive. Control interface is point and click with a remote control icon on top of the screen, which can be clicked to bring up the various game options. All in all, this is without doubt an amusing game and I strongly recommend this to every adventure gamer and especially those, who played and enjoyed Space Invaders, Chewy: Escape from F5 and Down in the Dumps.