February 15, 2015

Xplora 1: Peter Gabriel's Secret World

Real World Multimedia, 1993

Xplora 1 is a very innovative and educational game presented by Peter Gabriel, a well-known and experienced figure in the exotic world of classical music. The game is divided into four sections: The Real World, Behind the Scene, Peter Gabriel's Personal Files and finally, About US, which explores Peter's musical album named US by means of full-motion video streams. The players explores and progresses into a rich musical world by solving puzzles and sliding titles, which unlock further sections of the game. The Real World section contains information on dozens of strange musical instruments used by many natives throughout the world, which the player can see and hear. Behind the Scene section offers numerous video events took place in the past, which are related to Peter Gabriel. The last section throws light on Peter Gabriel's personal life, his achievements, early photographs, videos, etc.

The game was first developed for Macintosh computers using the astonishing capabilities of Apple Quick-Time, but later ported to IBM PC compatibles on great demand from the PC users, but still it took almost two years to materialize after the initial Macintosh release. Well, later is better then never and the long waiting is not wasted as the title provides a lot of fun and I certainly recommend it to everyone.