February 15, 2015

The Lords of Tantrazz

Kane Roberts, 1997

The Lords of Tantrazz is a mildly adult oriented adventure game solely designed and put together for a mature audience by Kane Roberts. The game consists of six chapters, which can be selected individually from the main menu and played in any sequence. As for the quest goes, you control Veronica Callahan, a top-notch agent of Swirdlo Omni Tek Enterprises, a private agency responsible for development of high-tech weaponry and espionage systems including ultra-advance security systems and training United States secret agents. Your mission is to infiltrate Dunnington Research, which is situated on Dunnington island and investigate if Angus Dunnington, the CEO of the company, has any evil plans of dumping his dangerous toxic waste into the ocean and also feedback the agency about his other illegal activities.

Most of the graphics, apparently done by Kane Roberts, are reasonably good and compiled into the game by utilizing the ultimate multimedia capabilities of Quick-Time technology. There are very little animations, and the graphics slide, fade or fizzle in and out in a comic-book style as you progress in the game. Other then tiresome mouse clicking on the screen, the game has few low quality puzzles, which need some quick reflexes and mouse action to overcome. The game music is good that includes a cool intro song, also written and sung by Kane Roberts, but marred by the worst quality of voice acting. Anyhow, I have played and ended this game once and have no plans to touch it again, unless my life demands to play it once again.