February 15, 2015

On Assignment

TCB Entertainment, 2002

On Assignment is a nice but less known graphical adventure game developed by a software company created and released many freeware adventure games. Other then the full CD-ROM version of this game a shareware demo version was also released, which is available and can be downloaded from many archive websites. The CD-ROM version contains complete soundtrack, an image and animation editing software and a screensaver utility. You play the game in the perspective of a top-notch photographer, who works for a magazine and has successfully accomplished many photo-shoot assignments in the past. Now, your company has assigned you your most desired and challenging assignment, which seems no different than any of the previous ones but the problem is that this time you have to outwit someone, who does not want the truth to be exposed and creating obstacles in your path. Equipped with your camera and a few rolls of films you embark on this heroic assignment, completely prepared to give it your best shot.

The game contains many mind-twisting puzzles to solve and thought provoking situations to maneuver, which entertain the players with hours of fun and enjoyment. The game features very high quality pre-rendered 3D graphics, a digital quality music soundtrack, CD quality sound effects and a smooth point and click interface. Finally, I would say that if you are looking for an exciting adventure game to play at this moment then look no further and give this game a go.