February 15, 2015

Fairy Tale about Father Frost, Ivan and Nastya

Bohemia Interactive Studio, 2003

Fairy Tale about Father Frost, Ivan and Nastya is an excellent point and click adventure game based on one of many Russian fairy tales and fables. Bohemia Interactive, a Czech company situated in Prague developed this enjoyable game for gamers from age 6 to 106. The game presents many colorful characters other then two main characters, Ivan and Nastienka, which the player plays separately in four different Acts covering a story about love, greed, generosity and seeking as well as the four seasons.

In the first Act you play as Nastienka and you have been ordered by your stepmother to knit and complete a pair of socks for your stepsister, Marfusha, before sunrise. But, this job is not enough because your wicked stepmother doesn't like you at all and keeps on giving you more difficult jobs or sends you on errands. The second Act covers the story of Ivan, who leaves his mother and house on a quest to find his bride. He embarks on this quest without having a slightest idea that his journey will involve many exotic places and funny characters, crossing a river, encountering deadly bandits, reversing a horrible curse and finally meeting his would-be wife, Nastienka. The third Act is about love, seeking, generosity and most of all getting Marfusha married to some handsome and rich man, which is impossible but Nastienka has to try her best to make this happen. The last Act, which you play as Ivan, involves finding Nastienka, outwitting Baba Yaga and finally rolling the musical phrase, "and they lived happily ever after..."

Graphically, the game presents one of the best hand drawn graphics, excellent cut-scenes and animations. Music and sound is very good but slightly marred by some feeling less voice-acting. Puzzles are mostly inventory-based and bit hard for little children but adults can easily solve them. Overall, this is one enjoyable and a highly recommendable game for the whole family. As for the availability of the game is concerned, it is unfortunately not yet marketed in the US market and currently available in parts of Europe but gamers in US and other countries can order the game directly from the publisher’s online store.