March 28, 2015

Missing on Lost Island

Riki Computer Games, 2002

Missing in Lost Island is a traditional adventure game with ordinary graphics quality that doesn't meet the 3D standards of modern games, thou it does refresh the memories of "old-school" adventure games, especially the early LucasArts games. The intro sequence starts with a short fighting scene, where some pirates shoot Tim and Diana with their ray guns and teleport them into another dimension in different a period of time. The game starts with Tim standing in a crater in his birthday suit and his first mission is to save his modesty by finding something to wear, which is just the beginning. His main goal is to follow Diana's trail, who has already past this period of time years ago. During your search and rescue mission you will play four chapters and each chapter exhibits four different time periods. The game has multiple endings, which depends on the path you choose to play during the game.

The game puzzles are mostly logical and inventory based and not so hard to solve by hardcore adventure gamers. There are many characters to interact using multiply choice dialogue options, which in return are quite humorous. Navigation and other controls are completely mouse-driven, where the cursor changes it shape according to the action required. Graphically, the game pays homage to old classics like Simon the Sorcerer, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, and Monkey Island series. As a bottom line, I would say that Missing on Lost Island is indeed a nice adventure game to play and add in your personal adventure games collection.