March 28, 2015

Hopkins FBI

Kult Edition, 1998

Hopkins FBI is an excellent adventure game that combines wacky sense of humor with extraordinary creative puzzles in a very compelling and exciting story. An infamous criminal and terrorist, Bernie Berckson was sentenced to be electrocuted for killing uncountable people in a terrorist missile blasts in two Californian cities but somehow, he remained alive and managed to escape the execution. FBI's Special Agent Hopkins, who captured Bernie the first time, is now reassigned to follow his trail and arrest him and his other gang members.

After the escape, Bernie Berckson is now leading a new terrorist organisation. Playing the game as Hopkins, you will be assisted by Samantha Collins, your girlfriend and another great FBI agent. You must follow a trail of ruthless murders, resolve the mystery of kidnapping of world class scientists, travel through air and sea to many dangerous and strange locations, meet and interact with strange characters and finally apprehend Bernie Berckson.

Graphically, the game is a solid treat of excellent and high-quality retouched hand-drawn artwork with colorful and smooth animations created by putting together frame by frame. Puzzles are mostly inventory based and very logical in this linear storyline, which is marred by some very annoying arcade sequences. Music and sound quality are very atmospheric and good. All in all, Hopkins FBI is an excellent point & click adventure game to play without doubt and I highly recommend it to every adventure games player.