March 28, 2015

Return to Ringworld

Time Warner Interactive, 1994

Return to Ringworld is the second and the last game in the science-fiction adventure game series based on Larry Niven's well-known Known Space series of science-fiction novels. The sequel begins from the point it was left off in the first game. The puppeteer race is saved from being exterminated and now our main characters, Quinn, Seeker and Miranda Rees are on the run, trying to hide from all the major species for they have passed themselves as fugitives. While looking for a place to hide, Quinn and his companions make their way back to Ringworld in order to uncover some evidences that may prove them innocent. But, on Ringworld they unwillingly get involved again in saving the universe from the mischievous plots of General Carson, who is planning to unravel Ringworld's hidden secrets, which may bring disaster to the Universe.

Graphically, the game uses Super-VGA 256-color palette with average quality 2D graphics and nice animated sequences. The control interface is almost the same except you can now switch back and forth to any of the character at any time by selecting his or her icon, which would be fun if the gameplay was non-linear while playing a character but unfortunately its not and many puzzles need to be solved first by a particular characters in order to play any other character. Puzzles are quite easy to solve for hardcore adventure gamers while they are logical and mostly inventory-based. Music and sound quality is good and the CD-Rom version of the game was released with digital quality speech. Overall, Return to Ringworld is a nice game to play and most recommended for the fans of science-fiction adventure games.