February 4, 2015

The Sydney Mystery

Twilight Software, 2003

If you haven't been to Sydney Australia, here is your big chance to have an interactive tour of Sydney and visit every tourist attraction including the infamous Opera House and the Sydney Harbour through the eyes of Uncle Fred's niece. Uncle Fred, a retired private investigator, left a note asking you to visit him as soon as possible, while you were away from home. Unfortunately, you received the note after your Uncle has been kidnapped and now you are tasked with investigating his mysterious kidnapping. Along the course of your investigation you meet and question many characters, visit over two hundred and fifty beautifully filmed locations gathering clues and items that could be useful to help find your Uncle and crack this case.

The game is done in full-motion-video with real people to interact with and fully packed with good quality logical puzzles, melodious music and sound effect. The controls are totally mouse-driven and you get multiple-choice questions to ask in your conversations with characters, which in turn is completely interactive and always unravel clues to solve the mystery of this beautifully developed game.