February 4, 2015

Cruise for a Corpse

Delphine Software Interactive, 1992

Cruise for a Corpse is a murder mystery reminiscent of the Agatha Christie mystery novel series. You are playing as Raoul Dusentier, a detective, who's been invited aboard a cruise ship by his friend, Niklos Karaboudjan, the owner of the ship. But, moments before you climb aboard the ship, you find your friend stabbed to death with a knife. However, this is merely the beginning and, as you would expect, passengers are dropping like flies. Everyone has a motive to kill Niklos and others after that, but who is committing these ghastly murders? You must be in the right place at the right time to watch things happen and to question witnesses. The events in this adventure are time based and a clock screen displays the time when you accomplish that event.

Since this game is extremely linear, it is sometimes very difficult and quickly becomes repetitive. However, the plot is solid and entertaining and it is well worth a look. The interface is comparable to other games released by Delphine Software, who also created a CD-ROM version of this title complete with digitized speech, sound effects and music. It’s a fine game to try by whodunit fans.