February 4, 2015

Jack the Ripper

GameTek, 1994

Fans of detective games should not miss GameTek's foray into London's underworld with Jack The Ripper. Playing as the legendary Sherlock Holmes, your task is to catch the infamous Ripper and bring him to justice before he strikes again. Interrogate suspects, examine crime scenes and compose premises in your notebook to deduce the true identity of the elusive Ripper.

When speaking with suspects, Holmes can choose between several lines of questioning. But be cautious, as not all paths will lead to the truth! The game has a very unique interface and allows you to retain all dialogue from your interrogations in your notebook for later reference. The graphics are high quality and the sound, quite atmospheric. Those who delight in Holmesian deduction will genuinely enjoy this cat-and-mouse game between everyone's favorite detective, Sherlock Holmes, and the mysterious and malevolent Jack The Ripper.