February 4, 2015

The Dig

LucasArts, 1995

A classic masterpiece addition in the LucasArts' adventure games. Boston Low, a NASA veteran, Maggie Robbins, a journalist and Ludger Brink, a geologist must travel to Attila, an Asteroid, which suddenly appeared in the Earth's orbit and is threatening the world with destruction as it is on a collision course with earth. Your team's initial task is to place nuclear charges on its surface to change its course to another direction. Once the first task is completed, the team enters the core of the Asteroid to study its geological structure where they trigger a strange teleport device and get teleported to an alien planet. Play as Boston Low and find your way back to your home planet in this science fiction adventure.

The Dig features nice graphics and breathtaking cut-scenes. While the music and speech are digital, the voice acting is inferior and doesn't meet the standard LucasArts' quality. I highly recommend this to every adventure gamer and why not? It's a LucasArts' adventure game.