February 4, 2015

Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned

Sierra Studios, 1999

This is the third adventure in the Jane Jensen's Gabriel Knight series and this time Sierra has done it in 3D. You resume the role of Gabriel Knight, a Schattenjager, which means "Shadow Hunter" in German language, and you reach a small French town called "Rennes Le Ch√Ęteau" chasing an infant who was kidnapped and carried out of his bedroom in Paris to this town. Since you promised the infant's father, Prince James of Scotland, a friend of yours that you will protect him, it becomes your duty to solve this mystery which involves vampires, ancestral curses, supernatural elements and treasure-hunting groups, and bring back the infant home safe and sound. Grace Nakimura, your favorite and only team member from the previous games joins you later in your quest allowing the player to play as Grace and Gabriel on alternate days.

Gabriel Knight 3 uses a unique and strange camera technique, in which the player can explore the area while leaving Gabriel or Grace standing still and just moving the camera around using the arrow keys. Once you explore and reach a place you need your character to be, just click the screen and your character will instantly walk in from any side giving you a feeling as if he or she was with you all the time. There are few weak element in this game which include shaky and blocky 3D graphics, but the grasping story and lengthy plot overcome all these minor glitches and entertain the players for many days.