February 4, 2015

Full Moon in San Francisco

Alternative Games, 2002

Full Moon in San Francisco is an old-fashioned adventure game and first step of Alternative Games into adventure gaming. Your play the role of a small town Private Investigator, who has been recently appointed for a trial investigation by a big city firm called Copper and McIntosh. Your character is completely customize-able as you get the options in the beginning to create him or her by selecting given options that includes sex, amount of money to carry, and a peculiar option to select a pet, which will accompany you throughout your investigations.

On your first day on the job you find out that no one is available in the office and you got to investigate the theft of a valuable painting on your own with little hints from your pet, very funny, isn't it? Your job doesn't end with merely this theft case, as you have to solve a few other cases including the mystery of a gruesome ripper who cuts off his victim's head.

The puzzles too are old-fashioned and quite inferior in quality, which includes cracking of computer codes, timid jigsaw, color recognition, etc. The background graphics are still images rendered in 3D with plain and non-animated cartoon like characters to interact with. While the game is full of funny dialogue lines expressed by different characters, the voice acting is a huge disappointment. We hope that the team who developed this game will do better next time.