February 4, 2015

Eco Quest: The Search for Cetus

Sierra On-Line, 1992

This charming family adventure is not only challenging, but educational, promoting environmental awareness in younger players.  In this title you take on the role of Adam, who has been asked for help by a dolphin. Your quest takes you on a challenging undersea odyssey in search of Cetus, the great whale king. Accompanied by your friendly dolphin, you search the deepest seas for a solution to the horrible effects of toxic waste. Solve mystic puzzles and help the inhabitants of the sea with their problems caused by environmental abuse. A real fun game for all ages.

The game comprises the acclaimed classic point-and-click interface commonly found in all the early Sierra On-Line games. Graphics are improved and utilizing the progressive video technology of it time. Overall its a very enjoyable adventure game for kids of all ages.