February 4, 2015

Rise of the Dragon

Dynamix, 1990

When I first played Rise of the Dragon, I was certain that this would change the style of the genre and bring revolution in the scene but no such thing happened. The game is set in Los Angles and the year is 2053. You play as William "Blade" Hunter, an ex-cop turned private investigator and you are contracted to find the source of a very dangerous killer drug, which turns the addicted person into a lizard like creature before killing him. In your investigation you run into one of the most dangerous cult run by an evil nature person named Dragon, who is going to destroy the city and now you are the only one who can save the city by destroying Dragon.

Rise of the Dragon has the same kind of icon-less interface found in other Dynamic games, with superb graphics and sound blaster music. In short, it’s definitely worth playing this adventure game.