February 5, 2015

Star Trek 25th Anniversary

Interplay Entertainment Corporation, 1992

Based on the famous television series of the same name, this adventure game from Interplay is a must-have for all Star Trek fans. The voices of the actual cast guide you on your journey, while you (playing as Captain Kirk himself) control the destiny of the Starship Enterprise. Under orders from Starfleet, you and your crew must travel at warp speed to uncharted space and explore distant planets and galaxies. As you investigate these strange new worlds you come face-to-face with creatures never before seen by man. Uncover various clues, solve the puzzles and move on to the next level where yet another galactic riddle awaits you. The game displays excellent quality graphics for its time in combination with an equal quality of music and sound. The interface is point and click and easy to manipulate. Overall, this is a game that one must not miss, but make sure you have a walkthrough handy while you start playing it.