February 5, 2015

Orion Burger

Sanctuary Woods, Inc., 1996

Orion Burger is a well-done point-and-click graphic adventure game that involves an intergalactic and popular fast-food chain goes by the name, Orion Burger. The actual reason for the Orion Burger’s popularity is the use of fresh protein in their burgers, which their agents have been collecting and still collecting from various planets all over the galaxy without leave anything for the inhabitants of the planets. But now, the Orion Burger is facing a problem, because a new Alien-Rights organization known as 'Planet Huggers' has been established and their agents are monitoring the collection of proteins from planets. Planet Huggers’ job is to ban the harvesting of protein from a planet if any kind of intelligence exist on it, but to confirm the existence of intelligence they select a specimen at random and the subject must undergo a chain of tests to prove his intelligence.

The intro sequence shows that the harvester reaches our planet Earth and as a specimen they zap our hero, Wilbur Wafflemeier, a pet shop salesman in the town of Boonsville, aboard the harvester, but Wilbur fails the entire tests and waits for his turn to sent back to Earth after getting his memory cleaned. Fortunately, something happens to the zapping machine and Wilbur reaches back on Earth without getting his memory wiped and also, a little earlier in the time when he was first zapped. Taking advantage of this time you start your quest as Wilbur and start getting yourself equipped and well prepared for the upcoming series of test. Now, it all depends on you to help Wilber in getting through these tests successfully and save your planet Earth in time?

Visually, Orion Burger exhibits wonderful cartoon graphics created using a SVGA palette and excellent cartoon animations. Control interface is smooth and very easy to manipulate. While the puzzles are quite nice and enjoyable they are marred by the time factor, which sometime disturbs your problem solving skills a lot. Music and sound effects are quite enjoyable, but the voice-acting is slightly inferior in quality. All in all, Orion Burger is an above average outer space treat for the lovers of science-fiction adventure games.