February 5, 2015

Black Sect

Lankhor, 1993

Black Sect is a graphical adventure game published by Lankhor, a French company that also published classical detective-adventure games like Maupiti Island, Morteville Manor, etc. An ancient Book of Spells has been stolen from Issegeac, a small town in the Yorkshire Moors and your hometown, by a religious cult known as Black Sect. They have also killed your grandfather, who was the owner of that book. Your quest is to investigate and catch the killer, find the hidden headquarters of this sinister community, which is terrorizing the habitants of Issegeac and retrieve the book after failing their evil plans. Many of the game puzzles and events are time dependents and they only occur at a certain time of day or night. There are many places to visit and explore and many strange characters to meet and interact in this game and they all shape up a very compelling storyline.

Graphics are completely still backgrounds done in 256-color palette. Game interface is mouse-driven and an arrow cursor indicates the direction you can move. Ambient music is very scary at times but not annoying. Overall, this is a classical and hard to find adventure game and should not be missed by the fans of adventure games and especially those who love playing and collecting oldskool adventures.