February 5, 2015

Hard Evidence: The Marilyn Monroe Files

T1 New Media, 1995

Hard Evidence is a fine detective adventure game that deals with the unnatural death of famous big-screen celebrity, Marilyn Monroe. In the morning of 5th August 1962, Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her bedroom with the phone receiver in her hand and an open empty bottle of medicine on her bedside table. Due to the fact that Marilyn Monroe attempted to suicide a number of times in the past Police also determined this one a suicide case and closed it after a brief investigation.

Now, after thirty years the case is reopened and you have been picked to investigate by selecting any one of the four characters from character menu. If you select to play as a District Attorney, you will challenge some tricky testimonies of key witnesses. As a County Coroner or as a Chief of Police, you will dive into the heaps of classified documents that incriminate many rich and powerful figures like the Kennedys, 20th Century Fox and other members of the mob. Your main objective in the game is to investigate and solve the case and finally close it once again.

The graphics are mostly video clips and photo slides showing the historical scenes from the news. In the interactive game part a medium size video figure of the person appears on a still background with an array of questions to select and ask. The controls are totally mouse-driven and the player travels to different areas of LA, New York and Las Vegas by clicking on a building in a bird-eye view of the city. Another part of the game tells us the life history of Marilyn Monroe, who was called Norma Jane Baker before she became rich and famous. Overall, it’s a nice game with a lot of inside information on the celebrity and can be enjoyed by the fans of the genre.