February 5, 2015

Broken Sword: The Angel of Death

Revolution Software Limited, 2006

Broken Sword: The Angel of Death is the fourth outing in the epic adventure series of Broken Sword. The game release was announced as a big surprise to all the fans of the series as the developer, Revolution Software, had no plans to do another installment of Broken Sword after releasing Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon, but due to tremendous demand from the fans and enormous pressure from the publisher, THQ, Inc., they not only accepted to do this fourth game, but also gave it first priority over all their other games in production.

In this sequel, our hero, George Stobbart (with two T's and two B's) unwillingly teams up with Anna Maria, a mysterious young woman, whom he falls in love during the course of tracking and finding an ancient artifact by decoding an ancient religious manuscript. Their task is not that easy, because some mafia thugs and a dangerous religious group are also after the artifact and they can do anything to get hold of it. Once you discover the artifact, the mystery woman mysteriously vanishes along with the artifact by leaving George no other choice but to continue his adventure for saving the world one more time by investigating and failing a villainous scheme for dominating the world by summoning the Angel of Death, also known as Azrael in the Catholic and Orthodox canonical Book of Tobit and in the Muslim's holy book, Quran. And by the way, don't be disappointed because after the mystery woman dumps George, our heroines Nico, the young reporter from Paris joins hand with George in his later adventure, which leads them in the very heart of the Vatican City.

The game has linear storyline with choke full of trendy puzzles, typified climbing, pulling/pushing climbable objects, and shimming walls kind of actions required to reach a certain place and inventory based problem solving. The game play, animations and graphics quality is quite similar to Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon except there are no hardcore action sequences in this installment. Sound and music is very nice and enjoyable, and voice acting is most appropriate. Game controls are strictly point and click with look, pick, walk and talk mouse pointers, and you interact with game characters using multiple choice dialogue options. Conclusion is that if you are a fan of the series then this installment has the same gripping storyline and challenging puzzles that you want in a Broken Sword game, plus a bit more.