February 5, 2015

Operation Stealth

Delphine Software Interactive, 1990

This game was released in the US under the title, "James Bond: The Stealth Affair" without any difference in the game play. Operation Stealth casts you in the role of John Glames, a CIA secret agent, whose been assigned a mission to locate a newly designed high-tech stealth plane in Latin America, which was stolen from an American airbase. The game has a very absorbing story with some good and also frustrating arcade sequences, which need some quick reflexes to accomplish. The good point during the arcade sequences is that you may be able to save the game with every progress you achieve. The theme of this game is similar to the James Bond movies. The player can easily reach the inventory items by clicking the right mouse button anywhere on the screen.

The graphics are quite extraordinary for the time the game was released and demonstrate the fine skills of Eric Chahi’s art. The interface is much the same as it was in Delphine Software's previous game, Future Wars, with a bit of improvement. The music and the sound effects are admirable and well appropriate to the scene. Overall, the rating of this game is good and a must for lovers of espionage adventure games.