February 6, 2015

Prisoner of Ice

Infogrames Entertainment, 1995

Inspired by a story written by the legendary H. P. Lovecraft, Prisoner of Ice has one of the best plots ever to be found in any horror-adventure game. You are Lt. Ryan, an officer aboard the submarine Victoria, bound for the Antarctic. In the hold are classified frozen materials that thaw out after the vessel is hit by a depth charge during a skirmish with an unknown ship. The creature that emerges from the defrosted hold soon eats the Captain alive, then begins to pick off the crew. In a style somewhat reminiscent of the movie Alien, you alone are left to battle the monster and save yourself before you become the hungry beast's next meal.

Considered a semi-sequel to Shadow of the Comet, Prisoner of Ice differs from it's predecessor in that it is extremely linear. Tasks must be accomplished in a certain order to advance the game. Additionally, frequent pixel hunting and illogical puzzles mar the player's enjoyment. However, fans of horror-adventure are urged to overlook these flaws and give this one a try, as it can be quite fun despite these design problems.