February 6, 2015

Beneath a Steel Sky

Revolution Software Limited, 1994

Beneath a Steel Sky is an above average science-fiction game that will definitely take your breath away for its exuberant graphics, music and good voice-acting, if you play the CDROM version of the game. You play as Robert Foster, a disillusioned representative of a dark and oppressive future world. In search of your long lost father, you travel to the steel city where you encounter many colorful characters, embark on a series of sub-quests and befriend Joey, a wry droid who becomes your sidekick during your adventures.

The puzzles offered in the game, many of which can be solved in different ways, are all enjoyable and quite logical, but sometimes rely upon timing and careful observation of others to complete. A choke full of interesting gadgets and locals, this point-and-click adventure features excellent graphics, easy to use interface and interesting character interaction. Overall, I would say that this title must not to be missed by serious adventure game players.