February 6, 2015

Bargon Attack

Coktel Vision, 1990

Humorous and appealing from beginning to end, Bargon Attack is another Coktel masterpiece. The game takes place in Paris, where people are going mad about this new game called Bargon Attack. But, all of a sudden the Bargons come to life and starts eliminating humans. You play as our hero, Bob Sprite and your task is to clean the Bargonian infested Earth by kicking their rare side.

This unusually long adventure combines Coktel's wacky sense of humor with surprisingly creative puzzles and entertaining alien characters. The amusing plot seems only to add to the fun and even a few pixel-hunting puzzles cannot mar the player's enjoyment. Those unfamiliar with Coktel games may wish to keep a walkthrough handy, lest they find themselves stuck and desperately using every inventory item with every object on the screen.  But die-hard Coktel adventurers are urged to go it alone, as the struggle is half the run.