February 6, 2015

9: The Last Resort

Tribeca Interactive, 1996

9: The Last Resort is a surreal adventure game following in the footsteps of Shivers. In this game, you take over the role of an unknown hero, who has just inherited a hotel called the Last Resort from his Uncle Thurston. Your uncle was a music genius and he created some very unique musical instruments. The music artists from different places used to come in his hotel to create music and write songs. But an evil entity has now invaded the hotel and killed your uncle. Your task is to eliminate this evil entity named Toxic Twins by fixing all the musical instruments in the hotel. The parts of the musical instruments are hidden in different parts of the hotel and can not be retrieved without solving certain puzzles.The puzzles are unusually hard and the creepy atmosphere seems to make them even harder.

The most distinguished feature in this game is that it involves some top-notch Hollywood celebrities including Robert De Niro, Cher, James Belushi, Chrisopher Reeves and a couple of guys from Aerosmith. The game has beautifully designed images rendered in 3D and some creepy music. If you liked playing Shivers, you will love this one.