February 6, 2015


Michael B. Clark, 2002

Harvest, a first person adventure game is the sole creation of Michael B. Clarks. The story tells us about a mad scientist who has invented a machine, which can harvest water from rocks and become very useful to mankind. But on the contrary, the evil scientist plans to poison the Earth's water so to make his invention the only source to harvest. You play as someone whose dog is lost in a rabbit hole. You climb down in that hole looking for your dog and find the hidden laboratory, where the mad scientist lives and hides his Harvest machine. The secret hideout has many rooms with puzzles, booby traps and secrets. Your quest is to find out what this place is all about.

Despite the average graphics, which must be overlooked by keeping in view the fact that it’s a one-man developed game, the storyline is quite absorbing and the puzzles are very good. The background music is great and takes the maximum credit of this game.