February 6, 2015

Legend of Kyrandia 2: Hand of Fate

Westwood Studios, 1993

The second adventure in the Legend of Kyrandia series, Hand of Fate, casts you as Zanthia, the alchemist, a character introduced in the first Kyrandia game. As Zanthia, you are chosen by the council to find and get the anchor stone from the center of the world, which is the solution to all the recent mysterious vanishing of kingdom property. A mysterious character known as "Hand," who is a pet to one of the lad in the kingdom is actually behind all this problem. Confront the Hand in this "puzzle-fest" adventure. Gather magic potions and spells that can be used to protect the land from the evil Hand, who plans to destroy it. Excellent graphics, storyline and interface makes this one even more interesting than the first game in the series.