February 11, 2015

Under a Killing Moon

Access Software, Inc., 1994

Tex Murphy, our trench-coated, always broke Private Investigator is back in this third chapter. The year is 2042, following the World War III. You live in Old San Francisco, which is mainly populated by the Mutants, the group who suffered the World War III radiation and very few Norms, such as yourself. The Norms hate the Mutants but you prefer to live among them. In the game, you are hired to find a stolen bracelet but fate fumbles your way into a more hideous and evil plan of totally annihilating the world of innocent Mutants. As Tex, you must help Capricorn and find your way to Moonchild to destroy the main computer and save the world.

The game comprises breathtaking three-dimensional environment, with which you can interact in two modes, the movement mode and the interactive mode. This game was the first attempt to use the full motion video with interactive 3D background. The best feature in this game is the choice of dialogues, which shows the players different moods. Other features include an online hint system and an extensive support for additional sound/music devices. Overall, Under a Killing Moon is one of the most enjoyable games I have ever played.