February 11, 2015


Coktel Vision, 1992

Inca is one of Coktel Vision's best adventures. The game casts you as El Dorado, a mythical character chosen to resurrect the legendary Inca Empire. With the help of Huayna Capac, the last of the Incas, you will voyage to a nearby planet to seek the Gem of Time.

The title entertains the player with many gaming modes. In flight simulation mode, you control Tumi, a spacecraft and this needs some good flight simulation skills to survive for the game includes some tough space battles. Puzzles are reasonably hard but excellent graphics, digital sound and music overcome the frustration. I don't recommend this game to players who dislike action sequences in a quest but if you like and take them as a treat then Inca is undoubtedly a unique and enjoyable adventure for you.