February 11, 2015

Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge

Sierra On-Line, 1987

The second episode in the humorous Space Quest series again casts you in the role of Roger Wilco, bumbling space janitor, who mistakenly thought he would never see evil Vohaul again. But, Vohaul does return in this chapter with a much more gruesome plan to destroy the universe by infesting the planet Xenon with thousands of genetically engineered door-to-door salesmen. But, you are the only person that he fears so his minions kidnap you and bring you to the jungle planet Labion, where fortunately the shuttle crashes while landing and you are the only survivor. This time Vohaul is quite determined to succeed in his plans unless you find a way to escape planet Labion and kill him and save the universe all over again. It's all in a day's work for our unwilling janitorial hero.

All though, this sequel is using the same 16-color palette the graphics quality are much superior with good quality characters and richer atmosphere. Jokes are even funnier and the text-parser is also overhauled. Many games normally never lived up to it's later installments but make no mistakes as this one is a far better sequel.