February 11, 2015

Inca II: Wiracocha

Coktel Vision, 1994

After the success of the first Inca adventure, I feared this sequel would be a mere exercise in Deja Vu. I couldn't have been more wrong. Inca II is not a simple reproduction of the fist with poorly altered puzzles as I expected. Rather this second chapter breathes new life into the continuing story, adds incredible graphics, human-like characters and interesting action sequences. Fly through space while battling waves of enemy Dagger Interceptors, then discover all-new puzzles while leading your Inca friend and his son toward their destiny.

The plot takes up several years after Inca. El Dorado, our hero has established a new Inca Empire in space. Your only enemy, Aguirre is still alive and plotted evil schemes to destroy your empire by using a mysterious asteroid that jam the communications between the planets. Join Kelt Cartier, a Han Solo clone and combat all these hurdles in this significant puzzle solving adventure.